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It was an astounding night!!

And once again as I drove back from the theatre my ears were still ringing and my senses still filled by a performance from Meat that I truly hope made him proud. I am still filled with wonder ..

The stage is bathed in violet light and we hear the Indian war chant as we all leap to our feet ..  John is in the shadows at the drums .. and then as it reaches a crescendo spotlights reveal him hammering the final crashing drum beats .. I can see Meat in the wings .. and as the stage is flooded with red and yellow lights, Meat strides out with the band for the first big number .. The Boy's Bad News!! He's wearing the by now familiar black stetson, dressed all in black, looking leaner and fitter than ever. He looks fit, well and full of controlled energy.

I said early in the UK tour that this is such a marvellous in-your-face opening .. tonight is no different, and as the band all take their places at the mics ranged across the stage, the audience respond here too. Meat paces back and forth, gives both Paul and Randy a bite on the arm, and he's right in front of me, just inches aay as he belts out his lines ith that by now signature punching point of the finger with each "boy's bad news".

As they take their places for Break It! Meat is delivering it with such energy, strength and ease  ..  and then as we begin the lead into Frying Pan he delivers it perfectly .. he is in such good voice tonight. Each "Fire!" rings out loud, clear and true, and the low and yearning "I wanna take you .. Ohhhh .. I wanna take youuuuuuu" is delivered so softly, almost wistfully, as he stands there at the front of the stage, eyes closed, a small smile playing across his face .. and then we're into a final rousing series of "FIRE!!!!!"s all echoing round the theatre. This boy is back and he's great news!!

Meat stalks back and forth across the stage as we hear the opening bars of Lemon ..  he looks out belligerently with that angry stare, pointing his finger in a repeated stabbing movement ..  and the angry frustration radiates from him right up to that final shove-it line which is delivered with such incredible ferocity, but note perfect ... followed by a Bad For Good which is simply marvellous. At times he crouches low, his hand clutching his pants and shirt just below his hip .. at times he lifts himself onto the balls of his feet .. he gives us a perfect and passionate delivery ...

The storyline plays out  with the fun-filled theatre of
 Dead Ringer .. and then CC vamps her way to centre stage with 45 Seconds of Ectasy  .. the song is made even more sensual by their closeness and sinuous swaying back and forth .. It's such a seductive duet, delivered perfectly and followed by Amnesty.

Patti returns to give us Bible and a Beer, which will lead into Blind as a Bat. Each show I've seen this tour they seem to squeeze more drama into these two songs, which for me are such a hig point in the show. Each show I think .. they can't top that .. yet each time they do .. Patti with those huge eyes flashing angrily as she appeals to the audience and accuses Meat .. and he as he conveys every taken aback, impatient, defensive .. then realising, and contrite thought .. So damn powerful, and as always his rendition of Blind as a Bat has a level of passionate emotion that makes the tears start in my eyes .... He is an actor first and foremost, and such a talented one .. just his body stance, his facial expressions, those expressive hands, convey so much more than words ever could ..  and as I listen to that wonderful voice and watch those expressive hands clutched tight to his body and then flying out, palm down and fingers spread  .. I am swept away in wonder ....

Paradise is as fresh and funny as ever ..  it brings the audience to their feet with a cheer of course ..  and then we have a truly wonderful AFL .. Meat standing there bathed in violet light, and delivering the song with such passion. At the end he holds those long notes over and over again ..

The opening chords of BOOH signal we're close to the end ..I could never tire of hearing Meat sing this live on stage, and tonight he starts and finishes with such strength .. the words ring round the theatre as the audience sing with him as one .. and as he closes on those final long notes he gets the standing ovation he deserves .. the band's faces are wreathed in smiles .. it has been a triumph ..

He then tells us that the running off stage to wait in the wings whilst we call for more and then come back on stage is bulll**** .. and tired .. so they'll cut out the BS and go straight into the encore .. I think this surprises the band :)) ..but the audience cheer .. and off we go ..

Rock and Roll Dreams has note after note nailed, a superb solo from Dave on sax .. and we get that long, seemingly endless final note, again appearing to be effortless ..  followed by Roadhouse Blues and Lets Do It In The Road, Meat still blasting his way through them ..

A final line up and Meat of course tells us to never, ever stop rocking  ..
Tonight has been amazing .. he has delivered every song perfectly and surely even to his demanding standard, and done so with an ease and confidence which leaves me standing in wonder ..

This was a triumphant return to the stage in the US .. he did himself proud, and as he reminds us to never, ever stop rocking, I think .. how could we ever with Meat in the world?


-- Edited by Caryl at 07:46, 2008-10-28

Meat Loaf for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Let's help him get there!

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Thanks for the great review Caryl and a beautiful picture of Meat.


Meat Loaf is my No 1

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Thanx so very much for this wonderful review Caryl

XX Nadine

I'm still alive....
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